the blogger & breadcrumbs

hullo there, i’m patri! i’m a longtime fan of diverse science fiction and fantasy and will happily devour any story set in deep space, the depths of the sea or featuring any and all kinds of dragons and mythical creatures; i can frequently be found fawning over lgbt+ lit, legends and lore from all over. here’s some basics about me and the corners of the world wide web in which i lurk:

  • i’m based in europe 🇪🇺
  • my pronouns are they/them ✨
  • i’m on twitter and goodreads @booksbiteback 👋
  • i’m also a regular reviewer over on netgalley 🌠
  • my rating info is here
  • blog birthday: march 2021 🥳 (yes, it’s a quarantine baby)

i can also be reached at 📧, but i’m cool with anyone hitting me up through whatever avenue they prefer 🙂 happy perusing! 🌌

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